Boost Corporate Image By Enhancing Soft Skills


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While a solid education is important to building a strong foundation for one’s future, so is the “package” that houses that knowledge.   That package is you, how you are perceived.  Within your company, how you present and how you are perceived is critical to your corporate image. 

Good news!  

Companies are beginning to understand the power of basic body language, eye contact, corporate dress, the “power handshake”, the art of small talk, listening skills and other soft skills that can boost an organization’s image.  

Many Ivy League universities have implemented full Etiquette, Soft Skills and Corporate Image curriculums that focus on presentation, dress for success, and soft skills.  

The true age at which to begin stressing the importance of these skills is hotly debated.  

It is never too early or too late!  

If we begin in kindergarten by explaining the basics of posture, the correct way to address address adults and other basics of etiquette and life skills, then these lessons become fluidly integrated as a natural part of our children’s behavior, and thus translate into leaders who are taken far more seriously later in life and are given greater respect.  

Employing good soft skills, is essential in life.   The earlier we begin to teach these skills, the better. 

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