Choosing Your Corporate Trainer


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years from training people of all ages, it’s this: high energy from a coach or trainer is imperative in order to keep your audience’s attention and encourage them to become involved.

When we train, we do breakout exercises.  Everyone participates and there is a lot of laughter.  Yes, laughter.  It is not unusual to have someone from a corridor away, peek his head into our training room to find out what all the fun’s about. 

Energy is high!  Training is interactive.  Everyone has a story and each person gets a chance to tell his or hers. Everyone leaves having had at least one “Ah hah” moment.

On our video page, you will see samples of some of our Corporate Training videos that give a sneak peek at the fun we have!

Even though topics center around Corporate Niceties such as Etiquette or Manners in the workplace, the tendency should not be to present what could be perceived as “stuffy’ material in a “stuffy” manner.

Armed with the right tools, the expert can bring a sleepy crowd to life.  We gauge when to take breaks and when to engage trainees.

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Keynote Speaking and Custom Tailored seminars are available. 

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