“Great Leaders Come From Great Leaders” Sherry Thomas, Corporate Image Institute



Recently, I attended the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church and its Founder, Billy Hybels. How impressive were the speakers! You see, I’ve always had an expression that, “If you lead by fear, you’re not leading, you’re terrorizing,” and after listening to some of these great leaders, I came away more convinced that being a “good” manager does not have to equate to  “cruel” or “mean”.  As a matter of fact, a happy employee is a productive employee.

I will be sharing some of the quotes from these great leaders in various posts.

I challenge you to take a look around your corporate house.  Are your employees smiling or are they fearful?  Do they feel free to share their ideas or have they become closed off?  Do you have “tough” managers who are indeed “mean” and are employing dictatorial methods in order to achieve results?

You may be surprised. And employees, rightfully so, are fearful of divulging their true feelings for fear of reprisals. Managers, great leaders do not instill fear! Great managers and leaders promote a healthy work environment that allows for freedom of expression, supports respect among fellow peers and produces positive results for the company, as a whole, and individually for each employee.

“Good people don’t leave jobs where they’re known. Anonymity is a job killer. Feeling irrelevant is another one.” ~ Patrick Lencioni, Author of “How To Lose Your Best People”

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