How To Dress Professionally On A Budget


Outlet stores can be a working professional’s best friend. There are some wonderful designer labels that sell at discount outlets and the quality is outstanding.

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Don’t be afraid to hit the sales racks. Buy at the end of season and prepare for the following year.

Get on a store’s email list and check for sales, coupons, discounts. Ask for any other special discounts that apply to professionals.

When it comes to clothing, quality screams, well, quality. Invest in fewer items, but invest in quality. Quality lasts and often it “wears” differently – both on the body and stands up durability wise.

Want a suit that looks custom made? Buy off the rack and spend the extra dollars having it professionally tailored. Voila! Neat, professional and looks custom made for your body!

Accumulate a few basic items that can be shaped for many occasions, that will create numerous and unique looks.

Start with solid color neutrals. Anything in solid black is a hit. Neutral colors can be paired with most other colors and with patterns. Start with a black jacket, black pants, black skirt and work around them. Next, move to navy blues, deep greens or the tan family. Your splash of color is added via accessories.

Get more bang for your buck! Instead of one dress, buy a jacket and skirt or a skirt and pants that can be used for many looks.

Invest in accessories. A bangle bracelet here, a belt or a scarf there, a legion of white shirts paired with varied solid color ties, can change the entire look of your corporate wardrobe.

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