Making Assumptions Can Lead To Trouble


Worried Man On Phone


Today, while in church, a man, many seats down from me, quickly climbed over all of us, his phone to his ear, his face with a look of concern and ran out the door.  A few minutes lapsed and his daughter excused herself over our many feet and exited.  The daughter returned after about 5 minutes and motioned for her mother to follow her, quickly.  The mother did.

My heart was sad as it appeared that whatever it was, judging by their actions, it must be something unpleasant.

Probably a half hour later, the mother and daughter return to our row and ask me to excuse them as they began to travel back to their seats.  But before she took her first step, the mother leaned down close to my face, smiled and said, “That was my son calling from the army.”

My assumption had immediately ventured to something negative.  Imagine how broadly I smiled when I responded, “That is just wonderful,” as she and her daughter re-seated themselves.  The father, whose face had seemed so “worried” followed suit sporting a smile and glow to which no words do justice.

Be careful with assumptions. They tend to lead us down a path of negativity.


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