Power Talkers


Have you ever wondered how others perceive you when you’re talking? It might be as a simple as discussing the week in review, or as complex as giving a presentation on a new product rollout.

Power Talker

Most audience members won’t share with you the fact that you “stink” at being interesting or that your words lull them to sleep. You will, however, know when you’ve been successful by the wide-awake looks on your listeners’ eyes, their body language or their intermittent applause.

Power talkers know the importance of the “choice” of words, but also they a full command of delivery. Delivery is what separates a good comedian from one, who despite repeated efforts, falls flat.

There is a link between authority and a power talker. Automatically, we assign credibility to a person who can captivate an audience, deliver news or presentations in a confident manner, and answer questions from listeners with ease.

Through training, one can become a more effective presenter and work towards becoming a “power talker.”











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