The Office Gossip and Bully


It all starts at the top.  I have an expression that one person can single-handedly bring down an entire department.  I know.  I’ve seen it firsthand.


STOP Sign Stop The Abuse

Office bullying comes in many forms and gossip is one of them. It falls upon the shoulders of management to disallow slander, bullying, or any unsavory behavior that may interfere with the productivity of other employees by affecting them emotionally or by creating distraction.

While working as a writer, there were several young ladies that management allowed to run wild. As a result, good workers eventually left as the abuse was horrific – lies, throwing files onto the floor, constant accusations, calling people into hallways to spew cruel things. Just horrible. It was a free for all. At one point, yours truly landed in the emergency room with a migraine – something I had never experienced. The headaches became a regular occurrence. The stress was tremendous. After leaving that position, the migraines ceased.

At other companies, I’ve heard stories of physical contact and abuse and loud, incessant cursing. This is bullying! How companies get away with this is simple. Silence.

Employees, fearful of jeopardizing employment, are often reluctant to complain.
It is not reported for fear of reprisals or concern over future job references.

This type of behavior should not be tolerated, yet occurs every single day, somewhere in an office both here in the U.S and around the world. If you are in an environment like this, my best advice is to find a way to leave. Leave for your sanity. Working conditions such as these are most likely affecting you, your health, your mental outlook and your loved ones.

The stress from your workday eventually carries over into your personal life.

It’s unfair to both you and your family.

Going to work should not be dreaded.

And management, usually there is a clear indication that this type of behavior is taking place. It is your responsibility to have a no-gossip, no-bullying policy for the sake of first, your employees, and next, the company’s image, company productivity and company loyalty.

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