The OverCommitter


Busy Just Say No

Are you the “What time and where” type of person? Some people just cannot say “no.” The result is overcommittment and the undue stress that accompanies it.

Trying to “do it all” may mean that doing one thing well, suffers. It may happen at work, at home, or with friendships and it isn’t just you who suffers. Those around you feel its affects as well.

The can’t-say-no type of personality, oddly, is not a one size fits all. The overcommiter is comprised of strong people, giving people, weak people, people pleasers, you name it.

The overcommitter may seem frenzied and rushed. Caution. This is a sign that screams “overload.”

A good way to un-busy your life may be to choose three or four outside activities a year, one per quarter, with a focus strictly on that particular project. It might be a charity, a church activity, a homeless shelter, free tutoring classes, an auction or benefit, or mentoring.

But . . . there must be limitations.

At work, overcommittment can translate into your own projects suffering by overextending your assistance in order to facilitate the completion of projects or deadlines for someone else. Careful. Nurturing a new employee is wonderful, but “carrying” that same worker over time, may jeopardize your own productivity and create dependence in the interim.

Busy Just Say No

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