What We Do

From Fortune 500’s to the neighborhood store:
Corporate Training & Business Etiquette Boot Camps

What is your Corporate Image? Are you sure about that? Are you convinced that your Image and Brand are being properly represented?

Hospital Systems
Athletic Teams
Hedge Fund Managers
Sororities & Fraternities
Realtors® & Brokers
Sororities & Fraternities
Hair Salons

Corporations and Organizations of all types! 

Client relationships depend on PPPC . . .

Personality, Professionalism, Presentation and Credibility

We analyze you and your employees from the moment you enter the room. 


Appropriate Corporate Attire

Corporate Dress Code Policy

Name Tags

The Professional Handshake

Netiquette (Email Etiquette)

Email Policy

How to Meet and Greet

Working a Room

Corporate Thank Yous

How To Interview

What To Look For When Interviewing

Telephone Etiquette

Executive Etiquette

Customer Loyalty

Office Gossip

Email Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Working As a Team

Posture and Eye Contact

Proper Business Cards

Communicating Effectively

Proper Corporate Thank Yous

The Art of Small Talk

Public Speaking

The Art of Introductions

Knowing Your Client . . . and more.

Your posture, your handshake, the articulation of your voice, the placement of your name tag, your steady and interested eye gaze.  All feed into how seriously you’re taken and yes, all factor into “moving up the corporate ladder.” 

What about that all important presentation to your shareholders?  (You have a few moments to make a convincing argument.  It’s do or die sometimes.)

The positive manner in which you handle email, speak on the telephone, manage dissension within your department, are all tools, learnable skills that enable you to more effectively mobilize and manage your team.

Shhh . . . wanna know a secret?

Many CEO’s and Managers use a business lunch as a testing ground! We’ll tell you how!

And if you are a manager looking to hire, we’ll show “why” this is a great way to interview.

Our coaching boosts confidence!

Confidence = Respect

Respect = Power!

Is company gossip bringing down an entire department? 

How about those shining, star employees?  Are they being acknowledged? 

Does your business card reflect who you are and send the right message?

One wrong action could cost you a client or customer.

One right approach could seal the deal.  Why risk it?

If you elect, we can even incorporate video into our training to show you the befores and afters.   It’s interesting to see ourselves the way the rest of the world does.  Eye opening!

What messages are you sending?  

What is your Corporate Image?

Arm your executives and employees with all they need to know to leave the most favorable impression!


Join us for: Executive DinetiquetteSM
(Di – Nette – Uh – Kette)

There is nothing nicer than treating your clients with class.  Refinement and proper protocol speak volumes. Your company image is important. We can help!

Join us for an Executive Seven Course Business Lunch or Dinner complete with Intermezzo, Wine List, and Finger Bowls!  We eat our way through it all while learning.

We can arrange it with one of our partner restaurants or we’ll conduct the training in a conference room using a catering service.

Tipping Methods and Practices Included!